Adecco’s Way to Work "Work Experience Contest" has made it possible for nine lucky individuals to experience different vocations all around the world during this summer.

Follow Taylor’s own personal blog and check out her amazing experiences over the next six weeks.

In Kentucky for my final job!

I can’t believe it’s my last job already! It sure has gone by fast but I have had an absolute blast. As the saying goes, save the best for last. Well, I don’t want to pick favorites…but I do love bourbon. I’m in Lexington, Kentucky working at Four Roses Distillery! It’s just over three hours [...]

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Grüezi! Bonjour! Ciao! from Switzerland

There are many ways to say hello in Switzerland because there are four main languages of the country: German, Italian, French and Romansh (though Romanish is only used is select regions). My time here has been short but packed with so many things. Upon arrival I was greeted at the airport by Cerys and Tanya from [...]

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Bonjour, from Paris

Bonjour! It’s my last night in Paris and it truly is the city that makes you fall in love. Not just in the romantic sense, but also falling in love with life itself! The culture seems to be built on happiness. From having a full month of “holiday” each year to taking time to enjoy ones [...]

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Working in Canada

Hey ya’ll, Day two on my Adecco Way to Work trip and I’m in Toronto! Upon arrival, it was such a liberating feeling to be in a place where I did not know anyone. I felt more mindful of my surroundings, as well as personally strengthening my ability to be self-reliant. But when it comes [...]

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